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Woodworking Panel Saws
GALAXY 115 HS 3200
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Excellent Panel saw ready to make you money. REDUCED PRICING! Can be used to cut plastic, acrylic and synthetic panels. Main motor just rebuilt. 5/20/22 with all other systems calibrated and gone thru. Machine is under power on the west coast of USA. New replacement cost is said to be over $220,000. Get this excellent used for 1/3 of new!

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The advanced solution with complete standard equipment that guarantees the best price performance ratio. Speed, precision, flexibility and productivity mark out Galaxy 3 Plus. It has been designed to assure high performance in a developed industrial context of just in time productions. With its range of options it can be used to cut plastic, acrylic and synthetic panels. Innovative single blade beam saws offer high performance in quality for cut finishing and working speed: Galaxy 3 Top offers processing solutions to satisfy every single customer demand. Galaxy t3 Top has a modular design and can be tailored to meet any customer requirement. Advance mechanical design, powerful motor units and electronic control are just some of the features that guarantee high production rates, flexibility, precision machining and a top-quality cut finishing. GALAXY 3 130 (This a newer model but will be close in specifications) Cutting dimension mm 3200x3200 Main blade projection mm 125 Main blade motor kW 15 (20) Saw carriage speed m/min 0 - 170 Pusher speed m/min 135 Kit for plastic materials cutting Available HI-TRONIC device Available FLEXCUT device 1/D - Web links 1.>> gabbiani_galaxy3_2008_ing.pdf 2.>> gabbiani_galaxy3_t3_2015.pdf

Gabbiani Galaxy 3 125 A Panel Saw - REDUCED!

California, United States
$79,500.00 USD
Gabbiani Galaxy 3 125 A Panel Saw - REDUCED!
Woodworking Panel Saws
$79,500.00 USD